A trained linguist, Renee Sacks was retained by the Rent Stabilization Association to complete a variety of strategic consulting tasks. 

First, Dr. Sacks, working alongside a team of attorneys for over a year, re-wrote the Rent Stabilization Code, that guides rent relationships between owners and tenants for the city’s rent regulated housing stock, into plain English. 

Following that, Sacks designed a telecommunications information program designed to respond to the questions and concerns of over 900,000 renters and 25,000 owners. In addition, Sacks successfully designed special seminar and conference programs for the organization that served to better inform its 25,000 member constituency.  Sacks produced over 22 publications as part of the project that served a cornerstone for easy-to-understand information about complex rent regulations.

Sacks also produced a 1000-person event that yielded groundbreaking regulatory changes for the Association:  Survival:  Developing a Blue Print to Save New York’s Rental Housing.

Dr. Sacks was also retained by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal to re-design their telecommunications and public information program designed to respond to the State’s rental housing constituents.

With a team of attorneys, Dr. Sacks also wrote and edited a special book, The Rent Regulatory Digest.  The volume focused on rent regulatory precedents as well as changes resulting from the new Omnibus Housing Act that would impact owners and tenants.