New York State MWBE Forum


For over a decade, Sacks has produced the New York State MWBE Forum, a statewide opportunities conference that attracts over 2,000 attendees and 150 exhibitors each year.

Sacks created the conference format, content, promotion, special exhibitions as well as all programming for the annual two-day annual event. In doing so, Sacks has helped to establish a new brand for the program.  The conference brand is now institutionalized within the State’s program for MWBEs and it serves as an effective channel for communicating new business opportunities and approaches to this market.

As part of the project, Sacks has branded the program and many of its elements.  It produced the event website, the program book, a special 125-page Opportunities Book that includes information from over 100 New York State agencies and authorities and specific new contract opportunities for over 50 of them.

Sacks works closely with Empire State Development, the Office of the New York State Governor and the New York State Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights on the annual program. 

This past year, Sacks also designed four special industry roundtables that focused on better identifying MWBE procurement challenges. Both MWBEs and government professionals interfaced at these sessions that produced important information that New York State is now addressing as it seeks to develop new procurement solutions for this market.