Danielle Margiotta


Danielle Margiotta is an Account Executive at Sacks Communications and supports the Senior Account Manager with the firm’s key accounts’ marketing and event planning.

Danielle earned her Bachelor of Science in Studio Arts from Marist College with Magna Cum Laude honors. Her multi-focus consisted of Painting, Art History, and Photography. Her devotion to the arts and community healing began well-before her studies. Prior to earning her degree, she helped to coordinate beautification projects throughout the New York metro area.

Before joining Sacks Communications, Danielle worked as the social media and website coordinator, and was responsible for the restructuring and maintenance of a bilingual website (Hebrew and English) for a seven week art event in the city of Jerusalem, Israel. Her passions continued in the non-profit sector, as she transitioned over as a Director of Campus Events, where she oversaw the organization of art missions to developing communities in the Middle East. She provided a holistic approach to art therapy to populations succumbed to forms of PTSD by managing a variety of large-scale mural and tattooing initiatives.

Renee Sacks
Renee Sacks