For the Consulate General of Greece, Renee Sacks Associates was retained to develop a national promotional program to feature Greek marble.  A lesser-known brand to the better known Italian products, Greece wanted to implement an aggressive promotional program that would serve to increase its distributors’ sales of Greek marble in the United States.

Sacks worked on this $500,000 contract over a five-year period.  She conducted initial market research in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, interviewing architects, facility managers, owners and developers to assess their perception of the Greek stone as opposed to other options; especially those from Italy,  China and the United States.

Once research was completed and presented to the Greek government, Sacks designed a comprehensive promotional program that included the following:

  • Press program that included feature stories and articles
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Informational guides
  • National Award Competition, judged by the Editor of Architectural Record and a senior panel of leading architects and designers
  • Special promotion at Marmin, the international trade fair for Greek Marble
  • CompilationAdvertising in national publications to promote distributors and production of comprehensive directories by city of Greek marble distributors and resellers
  • Advertising in national publications to promote distributors

Sacks interfaced with distributors in Greece and in the United States to effectively complete the assignment that reported annual increased sales in each of the five years of the contract.

As part of this assignment, Sacks interfaced with the Greek government and scheduled various press conferences  and editorial board meetings with the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times for Minister of Economic Development when he traveled to the United States.