The Association for the Improvement of
American Infrastructure (AIAI)


Public Private Partnerships (P3s) represent a new way of doing business in transportation, healthcare, education and other capital programs that traditionally require public funding. P3s provide new alternative delivery mechanisms for financing and building large transportation and social infrastructure projects.

In November 2012, the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI) was founded to serve as an advocate for legislation and policy change to enable P3s to grow nationally.
Sacks was retained as public relations and marketing counsel to the new association to develop its brand and promote it within the marketplace. Today, AIAI includes many of the leading global companies involved in transportation and social infrastructure. Over the past two years, from its original six members, AIAI  has grown to include over 70 new corporate members nationally and continues to set the bar for the nation’s pro-P3 agenda. 

Sacks has designed AIAI’s marketing materials, special events, website and newsletter and recently AIAI Best Practices and AIAI Thought Leaders publications, among other promotional materials.